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Program Hours:8:45 AM-2:30 PM Monday - Friday 
Early & Late Drop off
available: 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM (Early Bird); 2:35 PM - 3:30 PM (Late Bird)

CHUMS Kindergarten aims to inspire and cultivate proficient readers, confident writers and critical thinkers. Our low student teacher ratios (12:1) allows for individualized & personal attention. CHUMS Kindergarten will ignite a love for learning and lay the foundation for lifelong academic success!

Our Kindergarten program meets all requirements outlined by the Texas Education Agency. Combining these required studies, along with developmentally appropriate experiences, your child receives a unique Kindergarten experience. 

Unlock Your Child's Literacy Potential at CHUMS!

At the core of our Kindergarten literacy curriculum are the consistent, systematic, and developmentally appropriate components recommended by The Science of Reading. The Heggerty Program model, which focuses on phonemic awareness, is a comprehensive approach that includes daily mini-lessons, independent reading and writing, and group discussions. The Heggerty Program model is an approach that champions phonemic awareness: the ability to hear and manipulate the sounds in spoken words. This approach enables early readers to notice how letters represent sounds and primes children to sound out and read new words. Our students also use decodable books, secret stories, and alphabet letter arcs.  When used in conjunction with the Heggerty Program, they satisfy the five main components fundamental to reading: phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. 

Handwriting Without Tears is a fun and engaging developmentally appropriate handwriting curriculum that enables children to master handwriting as an automatic and comfortable skill. Multi-sensory activities and manipulatives appeal to all learning styles and provide a hands-on approach to handwriting.

Our Mathematics curriculum, Investigations 3  is a focused, coherent, and rigorous mathematics curriculum. Deep and careful attention is paid to mathematics content and to student thinking and understanding. Making sense of mathematics is the heart of the work, for students and teachers. This curriculum is hands-on learning and supports a range of learners. Investigations 3 focuses on numeracy, place value, number writing, comparison and number identification.

Specials Classes

Your child will participate in music where they can use instruments and learn to perform confidently in a group; computer which provides computer readiness as the students progress in their academic setting; and motor skills, engaging in activates that enhance gross motor skills, coordination and balance. Students visit our outdoor classroom where they grow and harvest their own vegetables throughout the year. They will also visit our school library once a week.​

Learning Centers & Play

Twice a day students visit our playground where they have the opportunity to climb, swing, explore and create. Our classrooms also provide several learning centers, which offer opportunities for your child to learn through challenging activities while enjoying center free play. Centers include: Art, Dramatic Play, Manipulative Center, Library, Block Center, Science, and Sensory Center.

Field Trips and On-Campus Events:

Your child will participate in educational field trips and on-campus events throughout the year.

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