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CHUMS enrichment classes are an important part of your child's educational experience. These special classes provide your child the opportunity to explore, develop, and learn. 

Once a week your child will participate in the following classes:

Motor Skills with Mrs. Garcia

Learn to listen while you move! Your child will work on development of their gross motor skills while having fun and being actively engaged. Work hard! Play hard!


Mrs. Garcia also teaches our afternoon yoga class to our preschool and Kindergarten classes.

Music with Miss Patty

Get ready to sing, dance and play musical instruments! Traditional and composed songs and games are chosen to teach musical concepts and reinforce learning in the classroom.

Kindergarten Keyboarding & Computer Concepts with Mrs. Sartori

Our Kindergarten computer program, Keyboarding Without Tears, is designed to reinforce what the children are learning in the classroom. Identifying numbers, letter sounds (phonics), patterns and developing problem solving skills are incorporated into our computer class.

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